The Top DDR Hits of 2005 was a collaborative effort between DDR Freak and Orange Lounge Radio. Featuring several of the regulars of the time (including Under Sedation Live! hostess Jessica Harper) the Top DDR Hits of 2005 was where everyone submitted their votes for the top songs in DDR as of 2005, and the final list of 14 songs were played back to back in a special show on OLR's Live365 station:

  • 14. Jet World / Mutsuhiko Izumi (Guitar Freaks 2nd, DDR Extreme)
  • 13. Petit Love / (Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix)
  • 12. V / dj TAKA (beatmania IIDX 5th Style, DDR Extreme)
  • 11. Maximizer / CLI-MAX S. (DDR Festival', DDR Extreme PS2)
  • 10. Un Deux Trois / SDMS (DDR: Party Collection, DDR Extreme JP)
  • 9. Legend of MAX / ZZ (DDR Extreme)
  • 8. You're Not Here / Akira Yamaoka (DDR Extreme US)
  • 7. NEMESIS / DJ SETUP (IIDX 5th Style, DDR Ultramix)
  • 6. sync / Outphase (IIDX 5th Style, DDR Extreme)
  • 5. Dynamite Rave / NAOKI (DDR 3rd MIX')
  • 4. Hot Limit / John Desire (DDR 5th MIX)
  • 3. Sakura / RevenG (IIDX 8th Style, DDR Extreme)
  • 2. Skulk / Echo Image (DDR Ultramix 2)
  • 1. So Deep (PERFECT SPHERE REMIX) / Silvertear (DDRMAX)

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