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  1. RawSteelUT

[INFO] Channel view for “#RawSteelUT” opened. -->| YOU (GoldbanjoUT) have joined #RawSteelUT =-= Topic for #RawSteelUT is “ITT, we argue about RawSteel and other crap” =-= Topic for #RawSteelUT was set by gs68 on Sunday, March 09, 2008 9:20:25 PM =-= gs68 has changed the topic to “Can't we all just get along?” =-= gs68 has changed the topic to “Well, this plan failed horribly.” =-= Mode #RawSteelUT +b *!* by gs68 <GoldbanjoUT> Oh well. =-= gs68 was booted from #RawSteelUT by gs68 (FAILURE)

temp save for something that happened during the episode.