Live 365 is the internet radio station hosting company under which orange lounge radio network runs. Itopened in July 1999. The site had its beginnings in a hosted community radio project developed by Nanocosm Inc. employee Andy Volk in his free time using Shoutcast technology. Andy shared the idea with Nanocosm CTO Peter Rothman, and they developed the concept for a new large-scale hosted community radio service which became named Live365. The first release of Live365 was built by a small skunkworks team of employees at Nanocosm. (Nanocosm Inc. was a technology startup whose main product at the time was NanoHome, a 3D "Virtual Home" website featuring 3D homepages on the World Wide Web.) Live365's explosive initial growth after launch quickly eclipsed NanoHome, and the company soon closed NanoHome and reorganized around Live365.

At launch, broadcasting and listening on Live365 was free of charge (premium pro services were added later release). Stations had a maximum listener cap of 365 simultaneous listeners and 365 megabytes of storage for music and audio. In September 2001, Live365 began charging for use of its service. More expensive plans allowed stations to have more simultaneous listeners and a greater amount of music file storage space. Members who joined before September 2001 could continue broadcasting with their original package for free — however all the stations that were paying members would be listed higher in the station directory, theoretically causing lower listener numbers. These stations on the free broadcast package have become disconnected and/or discontinued over time.

In late 2001, Live365 had a mass internet technical glitch which caused both the website and stations to be unaccessible for almost a week. There was a lot of concern amongst Live365 members that the company no longer existed, due to the lack of reporting about the incident.[1] A similar incident occurred in 2005 (see below).

In 2002, there were concerns regarding the future of Internet radio due to skyrocketing royalty rates imposed onto Internet radio stations from record companies. Live365 and its members fought strongly against this by airing a series of public service announcements on its stations outlining the objectives to the listeners. At that time, it was agreed that Internet-only broadcasters and terrestrial radio stations streaming on the Internet would have to pay 70 cents per song, per 1,000 listeners.

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On March 23rd 2008, Rob announced that Orange Lounge Radio would be leaving Live 365 on April 12th 2008.