FrizBee is an American Orange Lounge Radio listener and Chat Room user.

Username InfoEdit

The username "FrizBee" (often spelled in the Chat Room and forums with the use of a - (dash) between the two words) is a misspelled version of the name for a Flying disc (Frisbee) which is normaly spelled with the letter S rather than Z.

General InfoEdit

Sex: Male

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio United States

Time Listening to Orange Lounge Radio: ???

Preferred Game Genres

  • Platforming
  • Music

Orange Lounge RadioEdit

FrizBee found Orange Lounge Radio through DDRFreak.

Game Consoles Possessed By FrizBeeEdit

(Not Complete)

Seventh Generation

Sixth Generation

Fifth Generation

Second Generation

Other Consoles

External LinksEdit


Justin TV

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