== Tape Date== Episode 374 was taped July 18th, 2010. It runs 3 hours and 20 minutes


Hi, Hello There, How are you
Super mario baby nursery
CA extreme
How was your gaming week?
Big Battle
Podcast Feed
3d BluRay PS3 Update 1080p limited
ESRB RealID oopsie More from blizz
Zuma Blitz coming to Facebook
THQ executive on 3DS Piracy
3DSTag Mode
Joss Stone on Bond Game
Release Dates
Hulu Plus Preview now available
Destination Arcade only during summer of arcade
Classic Game Of The Week

PART B (1:42:53)
Rapid Fire News
Retro Inspired Facebook Game
Sonic Colors Pre-Order
New Oddworld Games
Kid Icarus 3DS with multiplayer?
Capcom Games coming to wii VC arcade
Game Room Releases
THQ Star Wars to iPhone
Rock Band Weekly
USB Wedding Ring
Mega Man Universe
1 vs 100 cancelled
Wii and DS demand Decline in the UK
Kinect Experience Tour
Haunted House Next Gen


Memorable MomentsEdit