• Skie's/Rob's Voice: The Game: Based on Rob singing the DDR songs "Bumble Bee" and "Cotton Eye Joe" with different lyrics.
  • Ferret Sex: The Flash Game (Episode 62)
  • Laser Cats
  • Loki's World of Randomness
  • RicePrincess presents Boobies and Pandas: Brought up during a talk about immature 8-bit hacks.
  • Forbidden Bomberman: Skie's idea on how to make Bomberman more interesting.
  • Pen & Paper: Based on the DS game LOL, the gameplay of which could be easily be done by using pen and paper.
  • Furries: Would be rated D for Drama.
  • Cosplayers vs. Furries: A fighting game featuring two big dramas.
  • Snap: A Nintendo Wii game involving taking pictures of two guys kissing a disembodied head while on top of a couple having sex shouting "fuck".
  • Crazy SUV Cellphone driver
  • Blow Shit Up
  • Puzzle Sluts: Better than Bubble Bath Babes. A knockoff of Puzzle Fighter, and would include an alternate version, Male Puzzle Sluts.
  • Puzzle Sluts II X : For Matching Service: The sequel with an updated roster, now including Turians!
  • Everything Is A Trap: It's a trap.
  • Bungee Ferret Tossing: The first OLR Dream Game to become a reality. Available now as of 9/17/2012!
  • Megaman 10rgy: 80 Robot Masters, 1 Robot Mistress. The final boss will be Gutsman's Ass.
  • Golden Girls: The Video Game
  • GWAR vs. Kidz Bop
  • Cooch Stars: comes in 'Lady Gaga' and 'Beyonce' editions where you shoot stars from out of their... yknow.
  • Fart Monsters: Like Pokemon, but with more farting...
  • Topless Chicks Shooting: Most likely an all-nude sequel to Parodius/Otomedius (or the companion game, No-Pants Sword Fight)
  • RuPaul's Drag Race: The Game: Fighting drag queens! Also costarring the fat sassy black woman, Ruy Paul!
  • Silent Dog: A new Silent Hill game, starring the dog from the Dog Ending of Silent Hill 2.
  • Playstation All-sores: Gonorrhea vs Syphllis? Only on Playstation!
  • President Cat PONG: Inspired by Listless from Episode 463, AVAILABLE NOW! Grab it here
  • Animal Crossing: After Dark: It's animal crossing... but rated M for mature!
  • GLAMSTERS: Hampsters with tiaras, crowns, etc.
  • Downton Abbey Wrestling: Victorian-era Smackdown!
  • OLR Gauntlet: Basically a remake of the arcade classic (and Classic Game of the Week) Gauntlet, but with Pinkberry instead of bags of food, and possibly LOKI as Tingle as the Elf!
  • Pixel Shits: Now officially the second OLR Dream Game to become a real thing, once again courtesy of yyr! Play it here!
  • Fantasia Final: Busqueda Mistica! (Final Fantasy: Mexican Quest): Featuring Mexican Luchadores instead of Dragoons, and Mariachi instead of Spoony Bards!
  • PBS Fighters - From Episode #647, Basically a fighting game featuring characters from programs that appeared on PBS (Sesame Street, Square One/Mathnet, Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who)
  • Literally No Man's Sky - From Episode #653, it's the sequel to No Man's Sky, but everything is destroyed! (Literally!)

From Episode 158, in response to the Ask Orange Lounge question What would your ultimate video game be?

  • Skie - Golfland Birthday Party Sniper
  • Darksakura - Guardian Legend: The MMORPG
  • Xtofer - In the Ass
  • LOKI - Console Wars (fighting game with every character from all systems)


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