Cheezburger, (also known as cheezburgerUNA002 or skywalker) has been an avid Orange Lounge Radio listener and chat room user since around episode 145

General Information Edit

  • Age:16
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Southern CA
  • Listener Since: Around episode 145
  • Occupation: Student

Username Edit

Cheezburger got his nickname by his last name which sounds VERY much alike his username, sorry for not posting my last name but i dont want it out there on the internet.

Background Edit

Cheezburger has been an avid listener since the age of 12. The way Cheezburger found Orange Lounge Radio was browsing the hundreds of video game podcasts in itunes and picked one at random, it was the only podcast he listened to after that other than an occational podcast that caught his eye. Cheezburger also thought he was the youngest listener to OLR until he went in the chat room and learned there were people like SakuramaxX and KevinDDR.

Current Activity as an OLR Listener Edit

Cheezburger has had a few comments read on air, a few E-Mails read on air and tried to call in on ask orange lounge via Skype on the last episode on Live 365(idiots) but was too late. Cheezburger has also won the Rez HD code for leaving and re-entering chat at the right time but did not recieve it because without an x-box 360, it is useless to him.

Game Consoles Owned Edit

7th gen:

  • X-Box 360
  • Wii
  • Nintendo DS
  • Sony PSP

6th gen:

  • nintendo Gammecube-sold it
  • Sony Playstation 2(slim)
  • GBA sp
  • 2 GBA's

5th gen:

  • N64

Cheezburger's You-Tube- Cheezburger's E-mail- Cheezburger's AIM- UnitedNerd002 Cheezburger's yahoo IM- e-mail me about it because it has my last name.